LA East Affiliates


• Do not wear outside shoes while working out in the gym
• If shoes have any mud or dirt on them, change at the door.
• Wipe off machines each time you use them, its your sweat
• Replace all equipment where you found it
• Do Not leave weights on the racks, you put them on there, take them off
• Do not leave papertowels and water bottles laying around. Clean up your mess
• No mixing powders or shakes in the restrooms
• If you shave in the restroom, rinse sink out after each shave and wipe dry with your towel
• Flush the toilet after every use
• Do not come in here dirty (example: Coal dust all over you)
• Personal Hygiene is a must and must be followed
• Wear appropirate clothing when working out, we will let you know if you are not
• Shirts must be worn at all times
• No screaming, grunting, or loud noises when working out
• Be courteous of others and do not stay on machines no more than needed
• Absolutely NO CUSSING
• No slamming of weights
There are 5 rugs when you walk in. If its raining or wet outside, wipe your feet on the rugs. Thats why they are in place. Don’t track water down the hallway so someone can slip and fall.

If something needs attention please address David or Cyndie (Owners)
We welcome you as a member and hope to build a solid relationship with each and everyone of you.