As you know, SWV is the unhealthiest and most obese area in the United States. Many have never walked into a Fitness Center because they think its all about Vanity and Muscles. Sure LA East has some good looking muscle Men and Women, they work very hard to be that way. However 85% of our members are there to be healthy, look better and feel better.

Unhealthy Adult Females over 200lbs and Adult Males over 280lbs can apply to come to LA East for Free for 60 days!* There will be guidelines and an interview process to get accepted for Free. We want to help those that want help. If you are showing progress we will extend it another 30 days as long as you are showing progress and TRYING. Once you have lost below the numbers then you can decide if you want to join LA East Fitness or not. Cyndie and I will give you unlimited Nutrition and Training tips to help Save Your Life! Our goal is to show you the importance of exercise. Why it's important.

This isn't a PROMOTION. It's for those that really want to change but are scared to walk in. We are taking the MONEY part out for 60 days just so you will walk in and try it.

As far as JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE, We can assure you that every member at LA East isn't there to judge but are willing to help you achieve your goals.

We can make SWV Healthier. Exercise is like a disease, once you try it and see results, its contagious. You just need us to help you get started.

David and Cyndie Chinn

LA East Affiliates